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Reconcile's November Update

Happy Thanksgiving in advance to you all! =)

New additions to Reconcile's roadmap

Another Reconcile feel-good newsletter with interesting fintech and voice reads

Peep Reconcile's Siri demo

We're back with some great news and some fun long-format finds

The future of Reconcile and voice look bright!

Reconcile updates and some more fintech and voice news!

Is sharing our data a good idea?

Social money and the smart home are examples of our data being used for good

The rise of digital services during COVID

COVID shifted consumer behavior towards fintech and voice assistants

Fintech finds and Reconcile updates

A light read for a great September day!

What will 2030 look like?

The implications of voice assistants in our lives

Google has entered the fintech chatroom

Get ready to see Amazon, Apple, and now Google rule our financial lives soon

Apple does it again!

The future of the Apple payments ecosystem

Robinhood: does it live up to its namesake?

A pros and cons list for the popular trading platform

Cheers to another AI breakthrough

Let me know if you think GPT-3 wrote this post

QR codes are back like it's 1994

Plus a spotlight on a hot, new fintech startup

Venmo & Voice Tales

Big news from Venmo and a spotlight on the voice industry from a conversational designer

Banks are cozying up with tech firms

Wall St. and FAANGs will soon run the world hand-in-hand

Reconcile, fintech trends, and positivity

This week I wanted to share insights on Reconcile, fintech, and positivity in difficult times.

How we see the future ...

Three shifts we predict in a COVID and post-COVID world.

It's Time to Build

A message of optimism in these uncertain times

What Reconcile Stands For

Why we're building what we are for you