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Connect your accounts
Get all of your brokerages easily linked to Reconcile. We use Plaid to securely connect with your financial information so you can trade worry-free.
Get your tax insights
Use the Reconcile dashboard to see the real-time tax impact of your trading. Now you can budget and game plan ahead of tax season.
Make the right move
Get alerted of tax-optimized trading opportunities like when to tax loss harvest, how to avoid wash sales, and when your stocks will get taxed at lower rates.
Your all-in-one tax platform

Everything you need to avoid making rookie mistakes!

Game plan your taxes
View a real-time estimate of your 2021 tax liability.
Simulate your trades
Check the tax implications of your trades before you make them.
Sell at the right time
Optimize your trades to pay lower, long-term tax rates.
Tax-loss harvest
Get alerted when you can sell positions that lower your taxes.
Avoid wash sales
Flag potential wash sales before they happen.
See all your holdings
Track your transactions and current holdings in one view.

It's tax loss harvesting season.

Most traders sell their gains first instead of their losses, which leads to a higher tax bill. The best traders tax loss harvest instead - when you sell your losses to offset your gains and lower your tax liability. The last day to tax loss harvest for 2021 is December 31. So act quickly!

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