What does Reconcile stand for?

March 29, 2021
Life is busy. You've got a million excuses to worry about. So let us worry about managing your money!
What does Reconcile stand for?

It's 2021, times have changed and will keep changing for all of us. With our present-day lifestyle, managing our finances can be cumbersome. 

It sure isn't the way it was back when we could easily manage our pocket money as kids, knowing it is safe and sound in the piggy bank. Although, deep down we wish it had been just as stress-free as how it was back then!

Ten years from now, we aspire to have helped millions of hard-working users get out of the cycle of financial insecurity - the anxiety and turmoil that comes from mismanagement or lack of wealth.

What is the underlying cause of financial anxiety…that we perhaps are not aware of?

In this fast-paced era where almost everything is driven by technology, staying ahead of it all is a must! We live in times of uncertainty in which making $100,000 feels like too little. You work hard to make enough to cover ends meet and sometimes still end up short. Although you are able to find your way around, sometimes it's easy to lose track of everything in life, including your finances.

Life has gotten busier than ever before

 “It sucks to say, but I’ve probably let things slip because I don’t want to go through the entire process. The last time I did expenses for two months of travel, I had to take up three hours out of my Saturday.” - Boston-based account sales executive

when you lose money right under your nose

“I’ve probably lost a couple of thousand dollars over the course of my career by not checking for my expenses as much as I need to. It’s an annoyance to deal with on top of our everyday work.” - NYC-based corporate lawyer

Yep, We hear you! With a higher income, comes greater responsibility. Then you feel over-scheduled and stressed about the management of your finances and it's security. To top it all, you spend sleepless nights trying to track those crazy expenses. Managing all of this could undoubtedly blow your fuse. and it’s totally okay because that’s where Reconcile steps in!

The beginning of something bigger...

It sucks to dedicate so much time and mental headspace to controlling our finances, especially when we’re not even sure if we’re making the right decision. And it’s high time we have our finances under our control. This is the insight that led us to conceptualize Reconcile as a financial voice assistant.

So we built Reconcile to help you save time and ease your anxiety with a frictionless experience. Backing it up is a smart AI engine that provides you with the personalized guidance needed to supercharge your money.

Tracking your refunds in seconds is just the beginning of Reconcile. Right now, we’re laser-focused on ensuring you get your money back on-time and in full.

Never forget a single refund anymore. Get all your money back. 

Most of our transactions today are online. Many such charges are obsolete, irrelevant, or difficult to track. Canceling these and getting a refund is another story altogether.

Think about it. You never have to miss your refunds again. One minute you are returning your misfit clothes on Nordstrom and the next minute you have Reconcile tracking your refund for you. All you’ve got to do is tell Reconcile “ track my Nordstrom refund”.

We want to help you save time and make smarter money decisions and ensure top-notch bank-level security. That's the reason Reconcile is made flexible. You don't even have to unlock your phone screen to stay on top of your refunds.

So on this inevitable journey of life, if you were looking for an app that could help you save money and be free of financial worries, well you’ve come to the right place. Try Reconcile for free today.

Also, We'd love to have you join our community and help us by being the beacon of light! :)

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